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Model No.: AH20

AH20 Ultrasonic Cool-Moist Humidifiers are used indoor air-condition area to maintain humidity levels for a comfortable living environment, to provide higher levels of employee comfort in offices, to reduce static electricity in manufacturing clean rooms & in computer rooms, and to lower the transmission rate of disease-causing bacteria in hospitals. AH20 humidifier with 2 speed fan and adjustable moist volume and it effective area up to 50 square meters and 576 square feet. details...

Model No.: AP281

AP281 Desk Top Air Purifier helps capture harmful invisible micro particles that may cause allergies and asthma, such as dust mites, allergens, spores and bacteria. With Active Carbon layer, AP281 also helps remove the unwanted odors for home, clinics and shop or any room up to 16 square meters. The emission of negative ions helps precipitate harmful particles in the air and provides fresh air with country-side quality. A 2 speed operation under 45dB gives you a pleasant, quiet environment. details...


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